“Anyone Everyone is a very precious place to meet on a Monday night and allow the creative juices to flow in a very safe place!  Its is all about connection, fun, art and you never get it wrong; to me it isn’t about performing but exploring! Exploring being human, out-letting difficult emotions and being hilarious; a little bit crazy, delving into the psyche and imagination; putting everything into form! There is no pressure; just support and enough space for everything and everyone!”

Adult Theatre Member

“Just home from the Collage workshop at the White Lion. Was a great space to have fun with a little self exploration and discovery thrown in. And my daughter had a play too. Run by two very open and welcoming women! Thank you!”

Larisa, mum

“I came to Anyone Everyone after having not done any formal drama training for 10 years, just for a hobby, since then I’ve done a performance and went camping with the group.  I’ve met wonderful people from all walks of life and I get to let go of inhibitions for a few hours a week, it’s brilliant.  Having attended Anyone Everyone for a while I love having my regular dose of improvisation and role-playing games which is a refreshing start to my week.  Sessions tend to be very diverse and our leader is very considerate to anyone’s level of confidence or comfort.  AE is a very encouraging and welcoming group offering positive feedback throughout, imagination is encouraged in very cathartic, often fun-filled sessions.  That’s why I’ve been going there so long!”

Adult Theatre Member

“Fantastic new parent group session today – thank you so much ladies! I felt totally comfortable to open up to you guys and find my inner child again. Now I can loosen up and have fun with my children being creative again!”

Kelly, mum